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Money Back Guarantee

At Just For Shopping, we want you to shop hassle-free. In most cases, transactions go through with no problems at all. But if anything does go wrong, we'll make sure that you get the item you ordered or your money will be refunded.

Problem with your purchase?

  • Sellers want to maintain their good reputation and in most cases they'll fix the problem straightaway, so contact them first.

No luck?

  • Not happy with your seller's response after 7 days?
    • Just let us know
    • We'll take over

How we sort it out?

  • We'll review the information provided and get back to you within 48 hours
  • If you haven't received your item we'll refund you using PaymentSense / WorldPay
  • If your item was not as described, we'll help you with the returns process, and then refund you using PaymentSense / WorldPay

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